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Compliance, Record Retention
Do you have the required employee forms, properly completed in your personnel files? Could you survive an audit? If a disgruntled, terminated employee filed suite and your files were called into evidence, would your own data work against you? We can take a random sampling of your files and train your administrative staff on the proper documentation, retention, completion and maintenance.

We bring twenty years experience in preventing sexual harrassment training, developing performance improvement plans, employee empowerment, communication and developmental training 

Talent acquisition and retention
Specifying needs, sourcing, selecting, interviewing and preparing offer packages are just the beginning. It is said that 1/3 of business failures are due to poor hiring decisions, the ability to attract and retain the right talent. We are not recruiters, instead we offer decades of experience in the human capital attraction, retention and development 

Lay Off / Downsizing
Is the economics of today affecting your business? Are you finding it necessary to lay off? Do you have a plan, a legally defensible criteria, to decide who is to go?

What standard will you use - last hired/first to go, performance/least productive first to go, job function/least needed position first to go? What is the best protocol relative to the timing, such as end of day Friday versus any other time or day of the week? End of pay period? Severance pay?

We can assist in your staff reduction strategy insuring consistent company practice as well as producing legal and ethical guidelines.

Providing the professional services you need at affordable prices. Locally owned and operated since 1995.
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