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Increase your poise and professionalism in front of a crowd. Be competitive in today’s workplace. Too much to do, learn to make every moment count, gain control over your life. Read books from the most famous teachers of success.
I was going through my salvaged belongings about two years after hurricane Sandy. I was flooded out, my home and office are on the Jersey shore. One book I found was a two volume set "Public speaking and influencing men in business" by Dale Carnegie. My copy is the original 1930 Association Press Vol. I and II. This was published six years before the book by Dale Carnegie, that most people are familiar with "How to win friends and influence people" originally published in 1936. Luckily it was among only about 20% of my books that were above flood height (four feet inside) 

Amazingly, "Public speaking and influencing men in business" is still available by the Warehouse Direct
Fulfilled by Amazon
My original 1930 addition
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Dale Carnegie’s time-tested advice business and personal lives. Millions of people read this and timeless bestsellers of all time and climbed up the ladder of success. How to Win Friends & Influence People. Revised addition.
Revised addition
Dale Carnegie
Napoleon Hill
Dr. Jim Steffen "Coach"
Cheryl Richardson
Louise Hay
Tony Robbins